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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 7, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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stark, norcal, norcal, temblor, temblor weath ery tonight... . one day removed from record high temperatures in the 80s. we're talking about a cool down. rain moving in and some snow in the higher elevations, your forecast next. and on the east coast, more weather misery. a nor'easter bringing another cold, wet night to the victims of superstorm sandy. and the handful of multimillionaires trying to have an election victory. how they're adding up the costs and losses the day after the vote. >> good evening. after record temperatures two days ago, a more seasonal weather shift. it's not just rain we'll be dealing with tomorrow. we certainly will have showers out there. high def doppler picking up showers off the peninsula coast line. there it is, the radar. light showers off shore. the big change for everyone, a
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big drop in temperature. upper level low direct from the gulf of alaska from anchorage, giving us the coolest weather since easter. lasting more than one day. skiers are happy with this winter weather advisory, 3 to 7 inches of new snowfall. some of the higher peaks around here that may see snow and the weekend forecast coming up. the weather on the other side of the country is impacting travelers here in the bay area. the nor'easter has cancelled dozens of flights to the new york area and 21 flights from sfo were grounded today. another ten arrivals were cancelled as well. theresa garcia with more on the miserable night in the northeast. >> reporter: a wind driven snowstorm is the last thing the residents of rockaway beach, new york, need. this and other coasting a communities hit by super storm
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sandy are weathering a powerful nor'easter. residents are not afraid. >> you can't run away, so you have to do what you have to do. >> reporter: josh is staying inside his storm damaged storm despite warnings to evacuate. the fire and flashlights provide the heat and light since last monday. >> i have so much invested here. >> reporter: he prepared for this storm by cleaning up from sandy. he's lost plenty. >> boilers, hot water heaters, appliances, in the range of 20, $30,000. >> reporter: the nor'easter has already dropped at least three inches of snow here along this rockaway beach board walk. up to 6 inches expected in new jersey. this is the kind of weather that can bring down storm weakened trees and newly repaired power lines. >> i'm waiting for the locusts next. >> reporter: more than 3,000 residents remain without power, down from 2.6 million. the nor'easter may send more back into darkness.
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in queens, tom ford says he can with stand the storm. he's survived the worst. >> the flood was something i've never experienced living here and hopefully i'll never have to experience it again, but we're going to stick it out no matter what happens. hell or high water. >> reporter: he's still hoping for power. theresa garcia, cbs news, rockaway beach, new york. >> you can join us tomorrow starting at 6 a.m. for a telethon to raise money for the american red cross for hurricane sandy relief. we have more details on you became the first man to win consecutive elections with 50% of the vote. now the hard part begins. as we hear, there is a particular word buzzing around washington tonight. cooperation.
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>> hi, guys. >> reporter: president obama and the first family returned to the white house wednesday evening. in his words, more determined about the work that lies ahead. the president laid out part of the second term agenda in his victory speech tuesday night. >> reducing our deficit, reforming our tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing ourselves from foreign oil. more work to do. >> reporter: he embraced staffers in chicago. he acknowledged he has to bring the country together after a costly and bruising campaign. >> whether i earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. >> reporter: and the g.o.p. listened, too. house speaker john boehner promises the party is ready to get down to business. >> we stand ready to work with you to do what's best for our country. >> reporter: both sides had be put to the test almost immediately. the president and congress will have to work together to overcome the looming fiscal
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cliff. that would involve automatic drastic spending cuts and tax increases at the end of the year if no deal is reached but both sides are indicating a give and take. >> we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. what matters is where it comes from and what time of reform comes with it. >> it's better to dance than to fight. it's better to work together. >> reporter: and voters are counting on it. . and for the first time in 40 years some of you are no longer represented by pete stark. california's longest serving congressman lost to a challenger 50 years his junior. eric swalwell was able to challenge stark thanks to the reinvented primary. they're both democrats. and for the first time since 1965, democrats have gained a super majority in the california senate. and that gives them the ability
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to pass tax increases without republican vote. it's the only time a party has enjoyed a supermajority since prop 13 was passed in 1978 requiring a 2/3 vote to raise taxes. the passage of proposition 30 changes several things here in california. for public schools it means less risk of another round of budget cuts. and for the cfu system, a mid-year fee like will be cancelled and many students may get a refund on a previous like of $249. but that hardly solves the state's problems. >> we have to make sure over the next few years that we pay our bills, invest in the right programs, but don't go on spending binges like we did in the days when you had the dot-com boom. >> it means additional funding for community colleges. and if you think you had
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something invested in the proposition fight, just think about the folks who bank rolled those campaigns. >> we're not talking 25, 50, or $100 donations. we look at the winners and losers who wagered millions. >> this should be the beginning of a new chapter. >> it comes right down to dollars, molly munger is the biggest loser. she spent $41 million on proposition 8 which failed. her brother is the second biggest loser, he spent $36.7 million to try to defeat governor brown's proposition 30 which was approved and to support the unsuccessful proposition 32, which would have restricted union money in politics. >> it's common for individuals, wealthy individuals, to spend a lot of money to influence initiatives. >> reporter: daniel newman tracks political spending.
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>> this election we've seen an unusually high number, four individuals that have donated more than $15 million. >> reporter: insurance executive george joseph spent $16.9 million on proposition 3. but thrp two winners as well. chris kelly spent $2.4 million on proposition 35, that increased penalties for human trafficking. and investment manager stier invested $31 million on proposition 5. you can find election results, bay area and beyond, on our website, also tonight police arrested a man who said he broke into pelosi's home. he faces charges including burglary and felony vandalism. he admitted to breaking into six homes in the neighborhood near
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saint helene in the past week. that includes pelosi's home where he took a watch. investigators do not believe the crime was politically motivated. violent crimes are becoming far too common in the oakland hills and now some people living there taking their complaints to the top. they want to share their frustration with their neighbor, the mayor. >> it used to be a beautiful place. it used to be a tranquil place, but now it's a place where people are terrorized. >> reporter: she's talking about the oakland hills. neighbors won't show their faces on camera for fear of being targeted in an area that has been notorious for violent burglaries. >> two men walked down my driveway into my garage and held a gun up to me. i began to scream and they beat me repeatedly over the head with the gun. >> reporter: they took off with this woman's purse. her 9-year-old son was watching. police didn't arrive until 20
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minutes later. it happened here for from where the mayor live but the mayor has done nothing to address their problem, neighbors say. she couldn't make it to a meeting of the oakmore housing association where a handful of neighbors are talking about putting their own money to hiring more police officers or building a substation in the hills. >> we are willing to come out of pocket. >> reporter: that will happen slowly. 120 officers are expected to join the force over the next year and in the meantime she's trying to convince the sheriff's department to help police manned oakland streets. neighbors who are tired of waiting say that won't stop them from taking matters into their own hands. . and checking other bay area headlines tonight, a peninsula mother and her two children are lucky to be alive after a
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caltrain collision. about 6 p.m. redwood city police the woman drove on to the tracks at maple street. she and the kids were able to get out, as a southbound train approached. no one was hurt. the death penalty phase begins in the morning for convicted killer nathan burris. he was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend and the man she was dating three years ago. he admitted killing them and he smiled and giggled throughout the trial. even demanded the proceedings you sped up so he could get back to jail and watch monday night football. and chevron is laying out its plan to reparities fire damaged refinery -- repair it's fire damaged refinery in richmond. right now the refinery is operating at about 60% capacity and it hopes to be fully operational early next year.
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a new attraction for the bay area power shopper. >> yes, i do. and they like high end items. >> a new outlet mall. holiday travelers, start booking or suffer the consequences. what analysts say is already driving up prices. and honors for a muni driver. how he kept his passengers safe from rampaging vandals. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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[ laughter ]. >> chick-fil-a. is that -- what is that? >> what is that? >> okay. it's a dance. anyway, this restaurant opens tomorrow morning but customers are camping out tonight with their dancing. why? the first 100 people through the door get a free meal every week for a year. and they're going to be really hungry from dancing so they'll need that. another big opening tomorrow just in time for the holiday, no dancing, but the newest and biggest outlet mall is 12 hours from opening. paragon outlet is in livermore. and the last minute rush to get the stores ready. >> reporter: some shoppers got a sneak peak with preview sales. >> it is great to have a preview so you know where the great finds are. >> reporter: 130 stores offering
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deals up to 70% off. >> these are nice. >> so they were 220 and i got them for 99. >> reporter: the clock is ticking, are you ready? >> i think so. we'll be working the whole night. >> reporter: the capacity crowd is expected along busy i-580. >> we're doing as much as we can to get people off 580 and through to parking. >> reporter: some of the retailers, prada, ar-marni, banana republic to name a few and a food court. some have been waiting to open since 2007 with their franchise operations. >> did you think it would happen today? >> you know, we lost hope last year, but when they decided they're going to do it, i think our economy is improving, and they finally did it. i'm happy. >> reporter: and those who didn't have a shopping invitation today decided to do a
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site preview. bringing along some friends. >> pepsi, wepsi, and squirrely whirly. do they like to shop? >> yes. >> reporter: and well behaved dogs like to shop. stores opening at 10 a.m. with a champagne and confetti grand opening. will they be ready? they say yes. . a rough day on wall street. the dow plummeted more than 300 points in its worst single day of trading this year. but it wasn't just an election hangover to blame. >> another big issue sinking the market today is europe. we got a downgrade from the european union and it looks like the recession could last all the way through next year. >> so if you've ever wanted to grab some apple stock, now may be the time because today the stock price hit a six-month low
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at $561. analysts blame the sluggish earnings report but say the holiday shopping season will likely drive that stock price right back up. it's that time of year again. holiday travelers are booking early and often. the number of airline tickets sold for christmas and new year's is up 50% from a year ago. analysts say with demands so high prices for air fare and hotel rooms at peak holiday periods are up sharply. another arrest in the torching of a muni bus. the suspected vandals were caught in pictures and video setting the bus on fire after the giants won the world series. the posts led to one arrest last week and today police arrested another man. nicholas hudson of daly city faces felony charges. police looking for more suspects. muni is honoring the driver of that burned bus. the agency chief says alan yam
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saved the lives of eight passengers. he told the passengers to sit tight until police came and then got everybody off the bus safely when the crowd started to attack. >> i called for help. that's the first thing i think about is calling for help. and then i calmed down and let my passengers know it will be safe. the police will be here. >> yam has been a bus driver for muni for two years. cbs 5 chief meteorologist paul is here doing a rain dance. >> they're doing a rain dance because it's going to rain tomorrow and they get free chicken sandwiches. a win-win, right? we have a big change coming. yesterday, record highs, 80s for three straight days, 50s for highs starting tomorrow for many of you. peek outside, bay bridge cloudy. high def doppler picking up showers off-shore. much colder air will be the
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legacy of this. cold enough for some snow showers to fall at some select locations right here in the bay area this friday: mount diablo, mount saint helene, yes. a few of the higher hilltops will see snow showers on friday. for tomorrow morning getting the kids ready to head to the bus stop, 51 fremont. chilly but not cold. here is why. upper level low pressure up in the gulf of alaska diving down into northern california. it will drag a front through tomorrow giving us scattered showers but temperatures for most of us tomorrow will not escape the 50s. barely into the 60s on saturday. that is three day stretch of weather had be the coldest we've had since easter. have to go back seven months the hast time we were this chilly. scattered showers tomorrow afternoon, highs barely in the 60s, and our highest peaks had
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see a snow/rain mix on friday. tomorrow, upper 50s for san fransisco, fremont at 60, morgan hill 61, walnut creek 61. san rafael 61, daly city 57 degrees. friday, showers upper 50s. showers end on saturday morning, little bit drier on sunday. then the upper 60s come back for veterans day and also for tuesday. that is your forecast. earthquake... where the . wide area of central america rocked by a powerful earthquake. where the damage is most concentrated when we come back.
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where the death toll contins to rise from a powerul earhquake. . have developing news out of guatemala where the death toll continues to rise from a powerful earthquake, 7.4 magnitude quake off the southwest coast this morning shaking buildings as far away as mexico city. right now 48 people reported
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dead. most from the mountain village of san marcos. 30 homes this collapsed but there is damage in all but one of the country's 22 states. this is the worst ert quake since 1976 when 23,000 people were killed. the california man blamed for sparking a wave of violent protests in the middle east had spend a year in prison but not because of the film he's produced. mark yousef violated his patrol by obtaining a driver's license under a false name. . live in santa clara, just ended between the quakes and the galaxy. if the quakes win they go to the conference finals. what happened in just a moment.
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. and, in san jose with our sports report here's dennis. >> okay. that was donovan who just walked out. trying to grab him here. an emotional night as san jose earthquakes, if they won or would have tied, would have moved on to the conference final. let's roll the highlights and show you what happened. frustration and yellow cards told the story of how san jose's night went. 21st minute of play, the galaxy drives first, uncontested, one goal to put the galaxy up 1-0. not done there. 13 minutes later, donovan penetrates, patient, taps in for the easy goal, 2 goals for keen.
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two somersaults for keen. and then donovan to the middle, mcgee one timer into the back of the net. 3-0 at that point. galaxy. the quakes did add a goal in the second half. 3-1. they got to to 3-2. it would have been gone to overtime but a great season comes to answered tonight as the hands of the galaxy. the warriors also won tonight against cleveland, but guys, disappointing end because san jose went down to l.a., beat the galaxy in front of 27,000 and tonight for the season to come to an end a tough end. >> what did donovan say. >> he had taken his shirt off, going side to side, and said i'll see you at the lockerroom. that's where i'm headed now. donovan made his roots up here
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in northern california. that's a big deal for him. >> see you at 11. s [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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